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Want to remove background from an image but don't know where to start? Then you have landed at the right place. The need to remove background from an image is evident in various instances, and learning how to get it right is an important task.

For that purpose, Adobe Spark might be helpful to you. You can learn all the basics about Spark and remove image background via it in the following guide. And if Spark doesn't work for you, we have some alternatives that you can check out for your background removal needs.

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01 What is Adobe Spark?

02 Attractive Features of Adobe Spark

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03 How to Remove Image Background in Adobe Spark

04 Alternate Ways to Get Transparent Background

05 The Bottom Line

What is Adobe Spark?

Simply put, Adobe Spark Post is a social graphics application designed for Android and Apple devices. The software offers a combination of different tools, including text and image editing, to produce vector graphics or short videos for your social media platforms and web pages. The user-friendly tool contains almost everything that is required for impressive content creation.

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Adobe Spark allows users to edit images, build websites or make videos, all without any hassle. It is perfectly suited for small-scale businesses, aspiring content creators, bloggers, and new designers. The program is essentially free for all users, although there are some subscription-based services available. It is the perfect tool to start your professional journey.

Attractive Features of Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers some interesting and useful features for users. The software has some innovative designs and tools. Here is an insight on some main features provided by Adobe Spark Post.

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1. Creative Templates and Designs

Adobe Spark offers several creative templates for your designs. They are available for graphical editing, web pages, and videos. You can customize them in several different ways to adjust them accordingly. The templates for your social media posts, in particular, are remarkably nice.

You can choose the different image layout options or choose from the 20,000 design assets to add charm and vigor to your posts. The aesthetically pleasing elements available in the program are certain to make your content pop.

2. Ease of Sharing

Sharing your work is now much easier than before on Spark Post. You can publish your content seamlessly and generate a custom link to your post. You can share this link with the relevant people and let them have a look at your work. You can also share your created content on Libraries to let others take inspiration. And you always get to choose the shared audience for your work.

3. Libraries Asset

Spark Post has a library asset that is quite useful for users. Libraries are a collection of personal assets and designs that users can share with anyone. You can explore Public Libraries to look at other people's work, take inspiration, and have these assets at your fingertips. You can easily pick and place images and other illustrations from Libraries in your content.

4. Easy Handling and Custom Support

One of the main charms of Adobe Spark is its easy-to-use toolset. The program does not require you to be a tech or editing expert. Anyone can use the software and create remarkable designs, owing to its user-friendly interface.

Adobe Spark also offers thorough tutorials to help you get started. You can navigate to the "Learn" tab and acquire great resources. You can even have live support using a high-end subscription.

How to Remove Image Background in Adobe Spark?

After knowing all about Adobe Spark Post, it is time to understand how to remove background from images. For that purpose, the following guide is presented to you. You can follow the steps mentioned below to remove the background from the picture in Adobe Spark Post.

Step 1: Create an Account

To remove background from images using Adobe Spark, you first need to create an Adobe account. You can do this online or after downloading the mobile app. You can also use your Google, Apple, or Facebook IDs to log in.

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Step 2: Choose a Template

On the program's main screen, you can select what type of post you want to create. For example, you can choose "Instagram Post." On the left side of the screen, you can select a template of your preference, click on it, and like "Create from this template." If not, you can also start at a blank white canvas.

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Step 3: Upload Image

From the left, click on "Photos" and choose "Upload Photo." Now select an image that you want to remove the background from.

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Step 4: Remove Background

When the image is uploaded on the program, make sure to select it. Then head over to the panel at the right and look for the "Remove Background" option. Click on it to remove the background from the image, and Adobe Spark will automatically remove the image background.

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Step 5: Export and Save

You can now add your image with the removed background on your selected template or even a blank canvas. You can click on the "Download" button on the top right to save the image on your device. To export it to other platforms, click on the "Share" button, which will be right next to the "Download" button.

Alternate Ways to Get Transparent Background

If you feel like removing the image background on Adobe Spark is not meant for you, you can try other options as well. There are several online background remover tools available in the market. Some of these top-tier tools and their promising features are mentioned below.

1. Wondershare PixCut

The most prestigious tool to remove background from images is undoubtedly Wondershare PixCut. You can use it to easily remove your image background and get a transparent picture, all in a matter of seconds. PixCut uses AI in its program, meaning that you can automatically remove background online for free. The final products feature stunning quality, which can be saved in HD.

Impressive Functions Of PixCut

• Image Enlargement: Besides as an image background remover, PixCut offers an image enlargement feature. Using this, you can zoom into an image for up to 400%. And don't worry, you won't lose the quality.

• Bulk Remove: If you wish to remove the backgrounds of multiple images, PixCut has got you covered on that front as well. Using the Bulk Remove tool, you can remove the backgrounds of up to 30 images at once and edit them all simultaneously.

• Remove Watermark: If an undesirable object is in the background of your image or an annoying watermark is ruining your aesthetic, you can head over to PixCut. It enables users to remove unwanted objects from image backgrounds, including watermarks.

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• HD Quality Photos: With PixCut, you will never have to compromise on your image quality again. The tool wonderfully does its job, and the end products always feature stunning image quality.

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2. Photoscissors

PhotoScissors is yet another tool that lets you remove background from image-free. The process to remove background from an image is entirely automatic, thanks to AI. The program supports several image formats, and the cutouts are highly precise. The program's interface is user-friendly and quite easy to use.

Impressive Functions Of Photoscissors

• Fast Pace: PhotoScissors can be used to remove background online at quite a rapid rate. It doesn't take more than a few seconds for the program to remove the background from an image.

• High Precision: PhotoScissors work around every corner and edge of your image, giving you clean and clear-cut results. It can also isolate hair strands and other minute details from the background, making it highly precise.

• Easy to Use: The program has an easy-to-use interface. You have to upload your image, and it will automatically remove the background for you. This is especially great for people with minimal technical skills.

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• Transparency Support: Using PhotoScissors, you can also remove backgrounds from transparent objects and images, as it can easily separate the foreground from the background.

The Bottom Line

These days, images with a transparent or a solid background are known to sell more. Product photography and several online marketplaces require a transparent background for the image. Under such circumstances, learning how to remove background from an image is an evident need of the hour.

With the aid of the above article, you can now successfully remove the background from a photo. If you choose to use Adobe Spark, the process will be manual and require time and patience. To save you from trouble, various online background removers are available. You can try PixCut, in particular, to quickly and efficiently remove background from the image.


Remove Image Background for Free? ›

YouCam Perfect is the best free background remover app for iPhone and Android because it's user-friendly, fast, and fun. In just a few seconds, you can delete the photo background and replace it with one of our trendy designs or your own. Download YouCam Perfect on iOS or Android now to get started!

How can I remove the background of a picture for free? ›

Here's our top five best apps to remove background from photo for iPhone and Android in 2023:
  1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Background Remover.
  2. PhotoCut Remove Background PNG.
  3. Magic Eraser Background Editor.
  4. Remove Background Erase Bg Png.
  5. ProEditor: Create Studio Photo.
Mar 1, 2023

Is there a free background remover? ›

YouCam Perfect is the best free background remover app for iPhone and Android because it's user-friendly, fast, and fun. In just a few seconds, you can delete the photo background and replace it with one of our trendy designs or your own. Download YouCam Perfect on iOS or Android now to get started!

How do I remove background without losing quality for free? ›

Welcome to, where we remove background from 4K images for you! The process is simple: upload your photo, and will automatically delete the background without losing quality. Remove backgrounds in less than 4 seconds: We know that removing backgrounds can be time-consuming and difficult.

How do I automatically remove the background from a picture? ›

How to remove a background in seconds?
  1. Select an image 📷 First, choose the image you want to remove background from by clicking on “Start from a photo”. ...
  2. Let magic remove the background ✨ Our tool automatically removes the background from your image. ...
  3. Download your image 😎

How do I remove the background of a picture in Canva for free? ›

Click on the 'Edit Image' button on the top toolbar. Next, select 'Background Remover' on the left side panel that appears. Then, click 'Erase' to remove the background. After clicking 'Erase', like magic, the background will disappear.

Is Magic Eraser app free? ›

Ideal for online sellers or photo enthusiasts, it is the most usable app for free without a watermark. Extra features are available for an affordable price.

What is the best background remover tool? ›

17 Best Background Removal Software
  • PhotoWorks - Erase background in 2 strokes on Windows.
  • Adobe Photoshop - Perfect for precise background removal.
  • - Online service for simple tasks.
  • Canva - Web-based program perfect for beginners.
  • Super PhotoCut - Semi-automatic photo editor for Mac users.

What is an easy program to remove background? ›

Best free background remover tools
  1. Pxl Photo Background Remover.
  3. InPixio Remove Background.
  4. PicMonkey.
  5. Background Eraser.
  6. AutoClipping.
  8. PhotoScissors.
Apr 10, 2023

What free app changes the background? ›

Auto Background Changer is a free photo background changer to quickly remove image backgrounds. You can make the background transparent or replace it with other background themes supported by Auto Background Changer. This app also has other photo editing features like color splash or image blur effects.

How can I change my background to white for free? ›

With Fotor's AI white background editor, you can add white background to photos quickly and easily. Simply upload your photo, and Fotor will automatically remove the background of your photo and make background white in an instant. The entire process only takes a few seconds to complete- it's as simple as it sounds.

What is the app that removes background objects from photos? ›

Snapseed: Free Tool for Object Removing

Snapseed is a popular photo editor. Although it is free, you will be pleasantly surprised by the features within the app. Use the Healing tool to quickly and accurately remove small objects from your photos, such as dust, spots, or blemishes in the portrait.

How to remove text from an image without harming background free? ›

As an AI-powered photo eraser, Fotor allows you to remove the text from image without removing background and destroying the visual effect of your original images. All you need to do is upload your photos in Fotor's photo object remover and you can take words off a picture with ease.

How do you take a clear picture with a blurry background? ›

To achieve the most blurred background possible, the photographer can shoot at a wide aperture, a long focal length, a far subject-to-background distance, and a close camera-to-subject distance. One must always be careful however to make sure all parts of the subject that need to be are sharp and in focus.

How to remove background from video for free without watermark? ›

  1. Unscreen is a 100% fully automatic, free online tool to remove video backgrounds. ...
  2. Cutout Pro is an easy-to-use professional cutout software. ...
  3. Kapwing is a free video background remover online that can help you easily strip the main body of the video from the background. ...
  4. VSDC is a free video editor for Windows.
Feb 28, 2023


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