10 Best Manga Apps for Android - Free Manga Reader | Get Android Stuff (2023)

What is the best free manga app for android to read and download manga?

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Manga is a large pillar in Japanese culture. Now, Manga has fans from all around the globe. With the surge of smartphone usage and the Internet, You can start reading manga from your smartphone. In this list, we will show you the best manga apps available for Android devices so that you can easily make a choice. With plenty of different Manga Readers, we guarantee that you’ll find your pick within this list that suits you. You should also check out our favorite anime and comic apps for android.


Price: Free with ads

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The official manga reader from Shueisha Inc. is one of the best manga apps for android. It offers free legendary manga such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach. MANGA Plus offers a variety of Manga content at no cost with different daily releases. One of the app’s best features is the simultaneous release of Manga chapters with Japan, as users won’t have to wait for releases in their respective regions. The app allows users to share comments on different Manga comics, giving a feeling of community amongst fans of the same Manga series. You can add Manga comics to your favorites list, which prompts the app to notify you when a new chapter is released.

Although the app is free, it does contain ads. Nevertheless, the proceeds from those ads will go directly to the creators of the comics you read. You can read Manga in English, Japanese, and recently 27 Manga Series were translated to Spanish. The app mainly contains positive reviews, as we personally love the fact that the revenue goes to the creators themselves.

Comic Trim

Price: Free with ads/ $2.49

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Comic Trim is a superb manga reader developed by Fabio Bezzi. It’s fairly new to the market but has proven to be successful based on its reviews. Comic Trim is basically an ebook reader app that supports all major comic book formats such as CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, image folders, and PDF, which guarantees you can read all sorts of comic files. It’s a free app to start reading, but you can use an in-app purchase to remove ads, create favorites, and features like image improvement, dark theme, and the ability to sort your manga. Comic Trim is also available in plenty of different languages. The app’s layout is not as easy to comprehend as other apps on the list, so there might be a learning curve.

Comics by comiXology

Price: Free/ $5.99 per month

Although not entirely dedicated to Manga, Comics offers 100,000 different comics andnovels, from Marvel, DC, to Manga. Comics contains some legendaryManga seriessuch as Attack on Titans, Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece,One-Punch Man, and several others that have millions of fans around the globe. In additon to individual Comic Purchases the app offers a subscription-based service named ComiXology Unlimited which gives users access to more than 10,000 novels and comics.

All comics you purchase will be available for you to read on any device, as the app is connected to your Amazon account. It also supportoffline reading.Nevertheless, the app contains several negative reviews regarding sudden app crashes and how slow the app is. With some users complaining that they cannot sign in to the app at all.

Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

Price: Free

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Anime Amino is a mobilenetworkforManga fans. It allows fans to communicate with each other, read articles written about manga, share cosplay costumes with other avid fans. It also enables users to chat with each other and allows users to find others with similar interests in similar series. If you wish to be part of the bigger Manga superfan community, Manga Amino is the place to go. The app mainly has positive reviews, with users reporting positive experiences to share their passion for Manga with others.


Price: Free

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MangaMew is another goodfreeManga Reading Appthat offers thousands ofManga comicsandJapanese comicsin a simplistic layout for users. It’s an excellentoffline manga app so users can download their favorite series and read them anytime without an internet connection. The appupdatesits selection regularly so that you won’t be left behind on your favorite series. Most users praise the interface of MangaMew, as comics are categorized based on genre and release dates which would ease the process of finding your new-favorite series to read.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

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Pretty much an odd pick to add a live streaming app to the list, but Discord offers plenty of servers dedicated to Manga. Manga superfans are packed in many servers to socialize with each other. Want recommendations for goodManga comics? Want to discuss your theories in detail with other avid fans? Discord is the place to go. Ironically, you can even get recommendations for the bestManga Readers. Discord Manga servers is a must-go for any manga fan that wants to be part of the Manga community or join a Manga Club and discover newmanga sources. You start off by joining https://discord.com/invite/manga


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

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MangaToon is a free Manga Reader that offers a hugelibraryofanime comicsanddifferentManga Series. Most of theapp’s content is available for free, and the appupdatesits series with new chapters regularly, and some comics are even updated daily. Users can even subscribe to different comics and get notified if any new chapters are released for theirfavorite comics. You can download your favorite comics to read offline as well.

Comics are available inEnglish, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and you can even find someKorean manga. You can even write your own story and share it instantly with millions of readers. The app mainly contains positive reviews, with many users reporting how elegant and simple the layout is, as MangaToon is optimized for smartphone users.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

WEBTOON is an online platform that offers a variety of different comics, including a goodcollection of manga. With over 23 different genres, you’ll surely find something you like there. The quirky feature of WEBTOON is that comics are read vertically, born out of traditional Korean manga during its transition to being a digital-first art form. This makes comics on the app easier to read on smartphones. Thousands of creators share their comics on WEBTOON, and you can be the next start as the app allows its users to share their own stories as well.

Although the app is free, comic creators are allowed to restrict theircontentbehind paywalls. With some comics being unlocked with a one-time purchase and others unlocking one episode each day. The app uses a premium currency called Coins, which can unlock paid content in the app.

Manga Geek – Free Manga Reader App

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

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Manga Geek is a decentmanga searcherapp that offers freeManga and Manhuawithout any limitations. It allows users to filter their giganticmanga collectionusing the title, author name, and rank, which makes the process of finding yourfavorite comicmuch easier. The app saves the users reading history automatically, so you can jump right back where you left. The app offers three different reading modes,Continuous, Page Scroll, and Page Curl. Manga Reader is updated regularly with new chapters and notified users if any new chapters are released to their favorite comics. The developer is very active and replies to every review, which shows the dedication to the Manga community. Overall, it’s an amazing free manga app for a greatmanga reading experienceon smartphones.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

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Tappytoon is a free app that contains exclusive comics andgraphic novelsfrom the industry’s topcontent creators. The app is regularly updated with new chapters for exclusive comics. Although the app is free, most of the content on it is behind a paywall. Nevertheless, the app does offer plenty of comics with free chapters for users before being required to sign up. The best part about the app’s premium currency “Tokens”, is that part of the revenue goes directly to the creators of the comics. Thus, you’d be supporting both the developers of the app and the creators of the content you like. The app allows users to subscribe to theirfavorite comics, and be notified in case any new chapters are released. Don’t want to spend much? No problem. Tappytoon offers plenty of free ways to acquire tokens, such as watching ads.

Kuro Reader

Price: Free

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Kuro Reader is apopular Manga readerthat offers many organizing features to users that read a lot ofManga comics. The app allows users to have their own library and organize it by author, series, and year. It supports different formats such as cbz, cbr, cbt, and cb7. The app offers reading in Manga Mode, which means that comics are read right-to-left. One of the best alterations that make Kuro Reader unique is that it has no ads. The app does offer a “PRO” version; however, even the free version contains no ads. The PRO version offers aDark Theme, Early access to new releases, the ability to saveimagesto your phone, support for extra formats such as PDF, and mainly supporting the developers of such an amazing app. Overall, the app has plenty of positive reviews on theGoogleStore. With users praising the app’s UI and having no intrusive ads available on most of the other freeManga readers.

Although Manga was mainly restricted toJapanese culture, the comic genre has garnered millions of hardcore fans around the globe. Which makes the choice of a Manga Reader all the more important, with hundreds of different apps on theGoogleStore, we’ve listed the topManga Readersavailable on the market. Whether you want to be part of asocial networkabout Manga, or want to read some of yourfavorite comicseries while you commute to work. You’ll surely find an app that fits your needs. Share yourfavorite mangaswith us in the comments.

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